Friday, October 16, 2009

Pablo: He once was found, but now is lost

This post has two purposes. The first is to end a three-week or so writing drought for this blog/column. The second purpose is to broadcast a cyber-APB, if you will, for the subject of an earlier post--Pablo. Pablo, the adorable, larger than life, polar-bear-lookin' Great Pyrenees who showed up on our doorstep one evening and after a couple of excursions or benders or whatever you might call them, stayed around... That Pablo, is now gone.

I'm concerned that some of you took seriously my veiled comments in the September 7 column about not really liking Pablo and not really wanting him to stay. I mean, I was just joking. You surely didn't take me seriously did you? After all, this is a humor blog. Things are not to be taken literally here.  I hope you didn't, after reading the earlier post, come to my house while I was asleep and back your horse trailer down my driveway, then employ your boom or crane or winch or whatever assistance you might have needed to hoist Pablo into your stolen horse trailer and whisk him away. Did you really do this? Did you think you were doing me a favor? Dog Nappers! How could you destroy my life like this?!?!

Sorry, I realize I'm letting my imagination run away with me. You don't want Pablo any more than I did, do you?

But now that Pablo is gone, he is sorely missed. He was last seen walking around the "barn" after being snapped at by one of the other dogs at the food trough. I saw the injustice of that and stood idly by. I failed him. I will forever regret my inaction.  If Pablo had only realized his size and strength he would have snapped back and put those other dogs in their place. But instead he walked slowly off toward the creek, never to be seen or heard from again. That was Pablo, a distinguished gentleman at every turn. Not one to make trouble, he left in search of a family who would truly love him. He left in quest of a family and their pets who would accept him unconditionally.

I've included another photo of Pablo above in the event he shows up in your neighborhood. If he does, feel free to bring him back to me or simply enjoy him for yourself. Perhaps Pablo is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Perhaps he's America's dog. Perhaps he's a poster dog for what's good and pure and right and decent. Perhaps no one family should enjoy Pablo exclusively. I don't know. Perhaps he's just like me and simply looking for a little better place to eat lunch.

One thing I can tell you for sure though. If you see this dog, after two months at our house, he now will answer to "Pablo."